We offer small group classes in Obedience and Private Training for specialized instruction. These classes are for all breeds of dogs.  All ages of dogs may participate starting at approximately 10 – 12 weeks of age.  The sooner you begin classes with your puppy the better off you’ll both be.  We emphasize positive reinforcement for good behavior and strive to create a fun and motivational learning environment for both dog and owner.  The class size is small to ensure lots of individual attention.  Most our classes are 6 weeks in length for one hour each class.  We invite you to visit one of our classes – just give us a call.

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Additionally, we offer Private Training; either in your home or at our facility.  It is a great way to address specific training issues you might be having with a new puppy.

We are very happy that many veterinarians and their staff members, and other dog professionals in our area, both use and recommend our training and behavioral services.

For a list of the classes we are currently offering, please see our Classes and Events page.

Obedience Training

Our obedience training offerings throughout the year may include Beginner Obedience, Beginner Level II Obedience, Advanced Beginner Obedience, and Novice Obedience.

Beginner Obedience

For dogs and puppies of all ages.  This class covers all of the basic obedience exercises including sit, down, stand, staying in those three positions, heeling on leash and coming when called.  Both verbal commands and hand signals will be taught.  Safety issues will also be covered such as jumping up, bolting through doors and stealing items.  All basic training equipment is provided with this class.  Weekly training sheets, other hand-outs and a folder are also provided.

Beginner Class BONUS!

A coupon for $20.00 of It’s a Dog’s Life services is included for each new Beginner Class student!

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Beginner Level II Obedience

This class is the next step up for those who have successfully completed the Beginner Class.  What was learned in Beginner class will be solidified, there will be extra practice time, and time to work on problem areas.  Weekly training sheets are provided.

Advanced Beginner Obedience

For dogs that have completed the BeginnerObedience class.  This class takes training further for increased control and consistency.  More distractions are introduced during all exercises.  The distances away from the dog are increased on the recall and stay exercises.  Preliminary work for off-leash heeling is started.  The “finish” and some new heeling moves are introduced.  Weekly training sheets are provided.

Novice Obedience

This class is suitable for those who want more control with their dog , those who are having a fun time with their dog in the training classes and/or those who wish to compete with their dog at the Novice level.  Increased attention on you from the dog will be emphasized in each exercise despite increased distractions.  Heeling patterns are introduced (including the Figure 8) and footwork is improved.  “Formal” stays and stands with examinations will be covered.  Distances on stays and recalls will again be increased.  Ring protocol will be discussed as needed.  The Novice class will be tailored, as much as possible, to suit the needs of the students in the class at that time.

Private Training

For those of you who need or desire more specialized instruction than a class can offer, we provide private instruction and consultation. We can do this at our facility or in your home.

In a private lesson we can work on specific obedience exercises or specific problems. We are able to give you and your dog our full attention toward solving a specific issue, setting up a management plan or working on individual exercises. New puppy? We can help!

Coaching is available for individuals who are preparing to compete in obedience or breed handling.